Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The SwiftBoating of Cindy

Cindy Sheehan has written a book, Not One More Mother's Child, and it is now available for ordering.

During her recent stay at Camp Casey for Thanksgiving, Cindy's publisher, Koa Books, donated 100 books to benefit the Crawford Peace House. Cindy appeared at a book signing in Crawford where all the books were bought, and $2000 was raised for the Crawford Peace House.

That is, however, NOT the story that corporate media or the right-wing "Freepers" wanted. Instead, what was widely distributed were pictures taken between the book signings, showing Cindy sitting alone at a table, waiting. These pictures have been posted on media outlets and right-wing websites with the FALSE information that Cindy gave a book signing and nobody came.

It seems that Cindy Sheehan remains quite a threat to those who still support our warmongering president and his failed policies. Because the truth is damaging to them, they are eager to replace it with their lies, with the willing cooperation of corporate media.

You can order Cindy Sheehan's book online from her publisher,
Koa Books.

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Karen said...

I might have said this before. If so, it bears repeating...

I love your creative ideas, jc!!

jc said...

Thanks, Karen!