Saturday, November 19, 2005

Fun With Words

Sometimes making bumper stickers can be a challenge. Other times, the language of the day just writes them for you. The goal is to come up with something pithy (since the longer the phrase, the smaller the letters, and the harder to read) and clever (hopefully) without making people have to think too hard about what it means. The faster the message can be conveyed, the better. Sometimes just finding a bunch of words beginning with the same letter can be effective:

I'll bet I can eventually come up with the whole alphabet about the Bush Administration's failings.

Sex always sells. I sometimes wonder if this combination alone was what kicked off the campaign in the minds of the general public:

Then, of course, the Vice President's first name can have multiple meanings.
BFA's blog nanny finally relented and removed the filter that prevented us from typing Cheney's first name, which had forced us to be creative when referring to "The Big D!ck."

With members of the Bush Administration under a legal cloud, and indictments for corruption happening to Republicans in their circle, this sticker wasn't too far of a stretch.

Every time Dubya gives a speech, I'd like to paste this one on his prompter.

And Bush is always a good source for word play. When he gave a speech accusing his opponents of disassembling, he went on to explain that it meant that they didn't tell the truth. Since it was clear that he meant to say "dissemble," I thought a bumper sticker defining the word he actually used was needed.

Homonyms can work effectively, too. (No pun intended on the "homo." Okay, well, maybe just a little.)

Anagrams can always be fun. Even if you can only come up with one from part of the word, it can still work.

And, yes, I know there are still some good, honest Republicans. I just wish they'd start speaking out. Since most of them are still supportive, or at least silent about the worst president ever, and they *have* presided over the largest deficit in history, I'll add one more jab. This one plays around with the symbols that can form the letters, rather than the language itself.

Sometimes, when you really want a short message, you can even combine a couple of words.


Rupert Rouge said...

jc, these were so clever that I laughed aloud as I read them. Next payday I've GOT to get those magnetic thingys so I can order some of your bumper stickers and shuffle-switch them around according to my mood.

You are extremely witty as well as being refreshingly literate!

donna in evanston said...

Well done, jc. I always enjoy your graphics. I do believe a have a couple of your bumper stickers on my car. And they are noticed. Someone admired them just today in Chicago. They stopped us as we were getting in the car to tell us. And I have yet to receive a negative comment from anyone.

jc said...

Thanks for the positive feedback. I enjoy what I do, and it always makes me feel good when someone else enjoys it, too!

Thankful said...

rupert -

Craft stores sell 8 1/2 x 11 magnets - they may be cheaper than the vent covers.

jc - love them all. Only problem is deciding which ones! lol. Thanks for all you do :-)

jc said...

Somewhere they sell these contraptions where your sticker slides into a frame that has magnets to hold it on.

I still think the sheet magnet from the cheapest source is the best way to go, although it might get expensive because each sticker would probably require its own.

jc said...

Or maybe you could attach a clear plastic sleeve to one magnetic sheet, and then slide a new sticker into the sleeve?

Thankful said...

Clear plastic sleeve idea is super!

I managed to get 2 bumper stickers out of one of the sheets, but they were the 'official' Dean for America blue ones - I think a bit smaller?

So jealous of you donna - stickers actually stuck on your car. Novel idear :-D

JudyforDean said...

Thank you, jc. I chuckled my way through.

If only these were just funny ... .

jc said...


I know what you mean. Lots of hard truths in humor.