Monday, November 14, 2005

Speak Up

even if your voice shakes...


jayDean said...

Hi jc,

Really like your site. On the Speak Up issue and that quote in particular. I've often wondered about it. I think even more than, "They weren't after me" it was the fear factor that kept people from speaking up. Just from watching the WWII movies, it looks like they basically terrified people by shooting some of them right on the spot if they "spoke up." I feel the fear factor a little myself, when I blog or speak up.

jc said...

Thanks, jaydean!

I agree that fear is the most likely reason. And that's probably why divide and conquer works so well. People will more likely overcome fear when it comes to something important to them. Many may be less inclined to take risks when it only benefits someone else. If someone takes on one small group at a time, they will likely encounter less resistance from those not directly affected.

listener said...

{{{ jc! }}}

This is a marvelous site! I'm bookmarking it!

And I'm really grateful for
the last design ~
"SPEAK YOUR MIND even if your voice shakes"
(That would be me.) ♥

jc said...

Thanks, listener! I love seeing you here. Thanks for coming by to visit.