Friday, November 11, 2005

Bush Approval Ratings Plummeting

Yes, I know that it's very unlikely that a Republican House of Representatives would impeach a Republican President, but it's fun to think about.

This is actually the body of Scooter Libby (from his criminal arraignment) attached to Dubya's head (from his pretzel incident) . I thought it made a good combination to portray an Administration that has seen better days.

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William Smith said...

Since I disagree with most of your political philosophy let me first take the opportunity to acknowledge the beautiful artwork.

Yes I voted for Bush although I did not and do not like him. The reason for voting bush in 2000 is that I do not believe the United States belongs in the UN. Kerry and too many other democratic leaders are all too willing to subjugate this great nation to that world body that abhors us and out leadership in the world.

The current administration did not screw this nation up. It has been in a downward spiral for the last 100 plus years when the people that want to destroy this nation set about taking over its courts, colleges, and eroding our Constitution.

The current crop of constitution haters have insisted that the constitution says church and state can not coexist in society. It does not say any such thing. In fact that first amendment just denies the government (any branch)from making laws respecting a (that means one)religion. they seem to completely ignore the very next sentence that says nothing shall be done to restrict the free exercise of a peoples religion.

Senator "putz" schumer of NY has repeatedly said that those who read the constitution as written are activists and should be gotten rid of. Hell if you do not read the constitution as it was written how is it to be construed? By the radical ideas of any group of people that sieze the publics attention for whatever time? That is why Democracy is identified as MOB RULE. Whoever controls the mob rules. that is not the American way