Friday, November 11, 2005

Make Levees Not War

I still get pretty emotional trying to discuss the hurricanes and the government's dismal response to people in need, so I think I'll just stick to discussing my designs for now. I have several related designs. Here's my latest:

And I'm waiting for Cafe Press to go live with the black shirts to offer this version:

One of my best friends (who lost a family home in Hurricane Katrina) asked me to design a shirt for her. She now has the tank top shown below, and it looks pretty good in real life. I never get to see most of my designs outside the computer screen.

I also did another 60's type design, which seems to fit well with the "Make Love Not War" theme that inspired the levee slogan.

After Republican House Speaker Dennis Hastert floated the possibility that New Orleans shouldn't be rebuilt, he inspired a few "Save New Orleans" graphics:

I've already got the ribbon design on a black t-shirt, just waiting for Cafe Press to begin offering them for sale:

Here's what the black shirt will look like:


Karen said...

jc~ Great Blog featuring your awesome designs!

jc said...

Thanks, Karen!