Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Bad Flag Day!

Okay, I'll stop picking on Dick Cheney for a minute. How about if I switch my "sights" to Condoleezza? (Okay, I guess that was sort of a Dick joke, too.)

Look closely and you'll see that her "normal" coiffure has blended in with the symbol of the Soviet Union cut out of the middle of a Hungarian flag, but at a glance, it's quite an unusual hairdo!


Sar said...

OMG, I thought that was her hair! But of course it couldn't actually be. It's not conservative enough.

I really dig your site, JC, and I'm going to add you to my blogroll. :)

jc said...

Thanks, sar! That picture did make for a good double-take. And thanks for the link!

Dicky Neely said...

You ever think that she kinda resmebles Olive Oyl? I am thinking of doing a cartoon along that line.
I'll bet you could do a good on that line.
I love your stuff!

Natan said...

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