Thursday, December 15, 2005

Scraping off stickers

Right after the 2004 election, I saw some of these:

With Bush's popularity plummeting, I'm seeing some of these:

Maybe some of you want to be on the cutting edge, the first on your block, with these:

(Thanks to Andrew for inspiration on the Bush-Cheney sticker. I'm sure I took the idea further than he would have intended!)


Catreona said...

Howard is first and indelible!

Thankful said...

OH, I wouldn't say you took the idea too far, in fact the BC one needs far more mutilation. LOL !

jc said...

LOL! I tried to restrain myself so that people could still tell what it was supposed to be. ;-)

Thankful said...

That's some impressive restraint!

Karen said...

jc... LOVE IT!

Jo*in*Vermont said...

just popping in to say

Happy New Year, jc!

I love your bumper stickers!

jc said...


Happy New Year to you!