Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Just-Us Sunday III

"You smell that? Do you smell that?... Theocracy, son. Nothing else in the world smells like that. I love the smell of Theocracy in the morning." 1

Are you ready for
Just-Us Sunday III? Dr. James Dobson and Tony Perkins think you are! Using Leviticus to back them up, their poster (PDF) says their goal is to "Proclaim Liberty Throughout The Land."

Liberty for everyone, as long as you are white (or on a select list of token brown guys) and male (but not one of them homo-sex-yoo-als), LIBERTY CAN BE YOURS! The bible says so. Right there in the Old Testament.

Quoting the Old Testament, and especially Leviticus, is quite the favorite of the Theocracy crowd, probably because Jesus inconveniently "forgot" to tell people to hate homosexuals, and all that love and tolerance that shows up in the New Testament just isn't much help when you're trying to control a country.

I say, if we're going to rely on Leviticus for some of our laws, why not rely on Leviticus for all of our laws? Let's make Theocracy mean something!

I say, let's do away with the wall between church and state. Let's replace the constitution with the bible. That concept worked so well in Afghanistan.

P.S. Doing graphics, I work with fonts and can usually identify a lot of them. I've noticed in their logos that politicians often use fonts with names that "sound" patriotic, and I guess, in some cases, they must pick a font because of its name, rather than what it looks like. In that context, I wonder if we should be worried that the Theocracy crowd chose a font that bears a striking resemblance to "Futura Extra Black?"


karen said...

This is 'powerful' stuff & I *applaud* you for posting it!

Jo*in*Vermont said...

b b b b b b bingo! you have the power to tll it like it is!

MidlifeMutant said...

Goodness.. lots of anger there!!!

You go girl!

Anonymous said...

wonderful work jc

enjoy the Holidays with the folks back home


jc said...

Thanks, everyone! It's fun having a place to rant. ;-)

It's nice to see all of you posting comments.

Thankful said...

Once again awesome, jc. Love the font observation!

~ ♥ 's ~