Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A Woman's Place

is in the house . . . of Bishops.

(Repost in honor of Saturday's investiture) - Check out Renee in Ohio's post for much more on this.

Kudos to the Episcopal Church for electing Katharine Jefferts Schori as their new Presiding Bishop, making her "the first female head of an Anglican denomination anywhere in the world." (BBC Profile)

Bumpersticker available here.

A tip of the pen to Renee in Ohio
Howard-Empowered People for
the bumpersticker idea.

Here's another:

Bumpersticker available here.

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listener said...

Excellent that it's Bishop's purple, jc! ♥

jc said...

It's funny, listener, because it was already the color of one of my favorite feminist bumper stickers, and I decided to leave it the same for anyone who might like matching stickers.

I'm glad the color works for religion, too. :-)